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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'The Little People' do?

"The Little People" works with parents-caregivers-teachers and provides stories-story-ideas as per their surroundings and needs of a child. A little one living in a metro in a nuclear family would receive different stories from a little one living in a joint family in a tier two city. Each child gets its own stories.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Register on the website
Step 2 - TheLittlePeople.Co representative discusses the stories for your family
Step 3 – Access to the stories via Every week 2 new stories are shared in audio format * Free Trial of 14 days

What are the charges post free trial?

Introductory pricing is at 99/- per month [ 2 stories per week OR 8 stories per month]

We read books every day. Why do I need this?

Oral storytelling is a very personal and intimate experience compared to reading out stories. Listening to stories increases attention span. To give an example, when a child hears a story line ‘a brick house on the banks of the blue river’, a child will challenge his imagination to visualise these images vividly, with all the sounds, colours, smells, tastes and textures.

What kind of Stories do you have?

Stories on secret gardens, magical animals, treasure hunts, mythology and the everyday mundane to life.
Name a thing, and we have a story for it. All these stories are original and are created by various storytellers who love little people and believe in the power of 'Oral Storytelling'. We try to keep away prejudices from our stories and instead focus to condition the minds with thoughts of love and hope.

Want to reach us?

We love to talk. We love to hear.
And for both these things to happen, we are always available at
+91 99305 62484